Max Inman’s Pro Predictions for the 2019 DTRA Season

Following his excellent round up of the 2019 DTRA season launch event at The Bike Shed, London, our youngest Adult Inters rider ‘Mystic’ Max Inman (#14) is sharing his well-informed predictions as to who will emerge victorious in this year’s Nationals Pro class. Having attended DTRA events for many years with his dad Gary, initially as a spectator and later as a keen racer himself in our Youth classes, Max has seen the rise of many of our Pro riders first hand. Now a member of the Greenfield Dirt Track team, it can only be a matter of time until he’s among them.

Max puts in the laps at Greenfield Dirt Track

Ahead of Round 1 of the Nationals championship, take a look at Max’s predictions below, and head on over to our Facebook page to let us know over whether you agree - we’d love to hear your own predictions for our other classes too.

The Indian Motorcycle-sponsored 2019 DTRA championship is soon to kick off, with Round 1 taking place at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April. The sport has grown massively in the UK, particularly in the last three years, but since the age of 5 I have attended most of the DTRA races, staying entertained by watching for hours on end. Having some knowledge about the riders, I have been asked to write a blog predicting the the results of the Pro class. Please read on and let me know what you think about my predictions...

The reigning Spanish Flat Track champion, Gerard Bailo, is one of the main contenders for this year’s Pro class, along with Toby Hales, the current UK champion. However, Gary Birtwistle’s consistency throughout the 2018 season and win at the Greenfield TT has caused me to think he will not be far behind.

Although I’ve never seen Ferran Sastre race, I believe he is also one of the main contenders in the Pro class, after placing P1 in his first ever season of racing in the Premier class of the Spanish championship. He’s never raced on any of the British tracks though, so we can’t be sure how he will adapt.

Greenfield Dirt Track's owner, George Pickering is also one to look out for. I predict George will be on the podium for the majority of the races, however possibly not the championship because he also has the pressure of preparing his track for two rounds this season. This takes up a lot of his time, even with help from the rest of the Greenfield team.

Rob Mear did exceptionally well to finish 6th overall last year; the crowds and fellow racers were massively impressed by Rob’s dramatic style, especially on the speedway tracks such as Redcar.

2018 Pro Class Top 6:

  1. #20     Toby Hales

  2. #117   Gerard Bailo

  3. #11     Gary Birtwistle

  4. #38     George Pickering

  5. #581   Maikel Dijkstra

  6. #500   Rob Mear

My 2019 Pro Class Predictions:

  1. #1       Toby Hales

  2. #17     Gerard Bailo

  3. #11     Gary Birtwistle

  4. #215   Ferran Sastre

  5. #38     George Pickering

  6. #500   Rob Mear

I struggled to predict a the top six for the 2019 Pro class, and it has turned out very similar to last season’s. Let me know if you disagree and say who you would’ve picked instead.

All the riders in the Pro class put up an amazing race last year, however there are two particular riders that I think will be on the rise this season: Jordan Miller, racing in the championship-winning Evolve Motorsports team, and Skye Adams, who is riding a 2019 Kawasaki KXF450, supported by the Chris Walker Kawasaki dealership. These two riders have only raced two full seasons in adult classes after moving up from the Youth Senior class.

I have some thoughts about which riders to look out for in the Adult Intermediates class too. Andrew Horner-Glister, Douglas Reed, Terry Pyewell, Steve Gurnhill and Gareth Williamson have all graduated from the Rookie class into the Adult Inters, as all these riders showed massive progression in each round last season - particularly Andrew Horner-Glister who finished on 90 points, only 10 points below the maximum. I’m sure the new Inters riders will be seen putting up a great fight against some of the more experienced riders in that class.

There seems to have been more new bikes built than ever before to compete this season, some of which can be seen in my blog post about the 2019 DTRA season launch event. However, there are some bikes that weren’t featured in the post, such as Darren Legg’s Champion Yamaha RT2, Peter Boast’s Ducati Monster Special and Martin Mills’ Triumph twin. I can’t wait to see the new machines in action.

The Indian Motorcycle Hooligan Class will be as exciting as ever with Gary Birtwistle, Grant Martin, Lee Kirkpatrick, Leah Tokelove and Max Hunt all battling it out for the Hooligan Championship title yet again. These riders were the top five last season, two racing on Ducati Scramblers, two on Indian Scouts and Grant Martin, who finished second, on a Maidstone Harley-Davidson Street Rod.

I hope my predictions won’t cause too much tension between riders, but that’s what racing is about. And what makes it better is we’re all friends, sometimes on the track, but always off the track.  

Thanks for another awesome blog post Max, we’re looking forward to seeing whether your predictions turn out to be correct at the end of what is sure to be another memorable racing season. Good luck to you, and all of our riders old and new this year - remember to look out for one another on the track, stay safe and most importantly of all, have fun. As Max says, we’re always friends off the track.

Keep checking back on the blog, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates as the season progresses. Whether you’re riding with us or spectating, we’ll see you at Round 1!

Header photo of Max by Braking Point Images. Please check individual Instagram posts for image credits.


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