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2024 Club Membership and numbers allocation is now open. Exsisting riders can renew their membership with an existing number. New members should look at the 2023 rider list on the info page and choose a number that is not already in use. The DTRA will confirm race numbers towards the end March 2024

We have a wealth of information for new riders, from coming to watch right through to what happens on race day. Read on for all the info you need...


So you are thinking of racing Flat Track with the DTRA?

Flat track is a growing sport, it’s not expensive, it’s fast and it’s fun. Why wouldn’t you wanna race? But how could you make your dream happen?

First thing - Come and watch!

We run our race meetings all over the country, take a look at the race schedule on our INFO page Come to a race, it’s free to watch, check out the bikes and talk to the racers. You’ll see we have classes for modern MX derived bikes (DTX), specialist framed racers (Thunder) as well as vintage motorcycles and big capacity road bikes (Hooligan). There are adult minibike and kids classes

Next - Go to school

Getting yourself to a Flat Track School, especially if you haven’t raced or done anything competitive on 2 wheels is highly recommended. Any of the schools will give you some great flat track bike skills, track knowledge, confidence and a great foundation. In any of the schools you’ll get seasoned race winners giving you track time and teaching you including the amazing Leah Tokelove (DTRA Hooligan & Pro rider) who runs a ladies only school at the home of UK flat track in Lincolnshire. At every school you’ll get an idea of racing lines, race etiquette, flags, starts, and machine control. When you race you’re going be on the track with other riders, novice and experienced, so get yourself an advantage! Schools generally use lightweight 125cc machines, great to learn on, even if you have ridden other, bigger types of bikes for years. Why not make it a day out with a group of mates. To ride all you will need is your basic riding gear, the schools will supply the bikes, the steel shoes, plus the knowledge and patience.

For Race Schools, contact;

Champions Flattrack School

• Dirt Craft

• Ride and Skid It

• Days on the Dirt

Done that? Cool – but what bike, what class?

Whatever bike you run, in whatever class, it must meet a few safety regs, visit our REGULATIONS page for our regs. Again, visiting the races is a good way to see how bikes are built and set up. The DTRA runs various classes, from children’s classes’ right up to the Pro rider’s class. You can run more than one class, and obviously need bike/s eligible to do that. In some classes you can hire bikes, and for some events these can be taken to the track for you, and are all set up, ready to race. Champions Flat Track School or Greenfield Dirt Track may be able to help with bike hire. Contact for details.

See the DTRA rules for class details, but there’s is a brief overview on our REGULATIONS page. This season we have an open tyre rule, no control tyres.

Classes are as follows- Minibikes (adults) – Modified or Stock. These are popular classes for up to 160cc air cooled four strokes, and huge fun.

Rookies – This is where most riders start. Most Rookies run ‘DTX’ bikes. Generally, these are modified MX bikes, lowered, and fitted with different forks with 19” tyres. Riders with eligible Thunder or Vintage bikes can also race in Rookie.

Adult Intermediate – Again generally DTX bikes, but Riders with eligible Thunder or Vintage bikes can also race. Intermediate is the next level in DTRA and Inter riders either have done a year or so in Rookies and moved up or are recognised racers from other disciplines.

Pro – Riding god? You’ll need to prove that, Pro’s is by invitation only and only after you’ve proved yourself ready to ride with the best in other classes.

Thunderbikes - These are over 500cc machines, sometimes with custom ‘Framer’ chassis or adapted from road or off road machines. Hooligan standard frame, over 750cc, post (1985)

Last but not least – Vintage. The DTRA Vintage class is broad, but with all motorcycles reflecting a certain “spirit of the age”. Before you race you will need to get your bike choice approved by the club. But as a guide; All bikes are twin shock, or if it’s really early, maybe even rigid - no Monoshocks. Vintage bikes need to look like a Flattracker in stance (not just an old MX bike) and be mechanically sound. Your bike will take a lot of punishment so don’t just drag that leaking Bonnie or hanging RM250 out from the shed and expect to race.

Four stroke Vintage– No overhead cam engines, British is obviously popular. The class already includes some street trackers, some full bore ‘Framer’ old school race bikes imported from the US and some shed build racers. No cc limit. Two Stroke – same style as the four strokes, air cooled only, probably no later than early 70s. CC limit decided by your bravery. But please contact the club via our CONTACT page to confirm your choice is suitable.

Youth Classes

Below you will find the split for our 3 youth age groups as well as some useful information about the bikes allowed in each group.





We have some flexibility on the entry age for each age group to help reflect rider’s talent and achievement.

All the Gear

Racing has it’s dangers, and we want you to go home at the end of the day in the same condition you arrived in.

1. So, no open face helmets, Gold sticker / ECE approved only, full face road or MX style with goggles.

2. One piece leathers, or zip together two piece. MX gear is also ok. Either way, back protector is mandatory for leathers or for MX shirts good MX Armour suits.

3. Race leathers or shirts must have your race number clearly printed on the back.

4. Good gloves, MX type or leather, and good boots.

5. Steel shoe – Essential to flattrack, obviously to suit your left boot. Custom made from many speedway suppliers. Speedway boots also being popular. You can even make your own shoe, many of us do, steel, light and strong is best. Shoes have a Colomloy ‘hard facing’ on them.


Now the Admin – yawn

You’ve been to school, joined the club, your bike suits your chosen class, your gear is right, what next?

You need a race licence. Our governing body is NORA 92. Nora can supply you a year’s licence (see Nora website for info) which includes some personal accident cover.

Or if you are unsure if you’ll do all the events in the year, get a day licence through the Nora 92 website just before a race meeting, these cost £15.00. To race with the DTRA you need to join the club, and also get your race number although we do allow non club members to ride one off races to 'have a go'

There is a published allocation list of existing numbers on the website so try not to request one that is already in use, that number stays with you as long as you stay in the club. The club will issue you a number board for the front of your bike at the first event, it’s part of the joining fee. You need matching numbers on the side of the bike, this helps our scoring team to identify you, get you all those race points!! Once you’ve joined the club, you’ll be e mailed when it’s time to sign up to each race entry. Check the DTRA Facebook page too, a lot of riders are linked by Facebook, there are pages with a lot of info about practice days, bikes, services and bits for sale, all on Facebook.

For 2023 we will be running all races with a transponder from mylaps. Don’t worry if you don’t have one they will be available to rent if pre booked during the race meeting sign up process. You can buy your own from MYLAPS. Its a great idea to download the speedhive app before race day so you can keep an eye on how your doing as the races progress.

Remember joining the club does not grant you entry to each race. You will still need to sign up for each race meeting and we have to be very strict about entries. These can be done online up until a week in advance of each meeting. No online entry at closing= no race.

Race Entry Prices:




It’s race day, what do I do?

Before the race meeting you will receive a detailed email, your 'final instructions' which will give you all info on the schedule etc, what time to get to the track, directions. So then... 

Get there early, talk to people, say hi! Who are you parked next to? Have they raced before? Everyone wants you to have a fun safe day, people will guide you if you ask. Find a pit space, sort your gear out. Have you bought some tools? Fuel? A basic spares kit is useful, see what the other rider’s kit is. Know your bike!

Sign on – This is your first job! You must either have your years licence with you at sign on, or prebooked day licence, and sign up to the class/es you’ve entered.

Scrutineering - Loose spokes, wobbly wheel bearings, poor back brake, leaking fuel tap, filthy bike? It’s for everyone’s safety. Get it sorted before you come to the track. You are responsible for your bike preperation, the DTRA will check your bike to make sure it meets our class rules and if we notice anything else we will let you know. Once your bike is scrutinnered you will get a tag on your bike to notify officials its passed.

Then it’s Riders Briefing – So listen! - Flags, rules, track info, all that stuff will be explained.


Race order and rider positions are posted on a board in the pits. Note your heat number and grid position for each heat. Find someone in your heat if you are unsure, buddy up. We have a digital screen in the pits to tell you which heat we are on. Keep an eye on that so you dont miss your heat.

On the track

You will get one practice session for each class, usually 6 laps.

Then in the same order; 3 heats for each class, usually 6 laps per heat. 12 bikes per grid/heat, in three rows of 4, you get a front, back and middle row start.

If you score enough points in the heats, you might get in the final for your class.

The rider with the most points from the heats get the first choice of grid position, decreasing points holders get following grid position choices.

Finals are usually 8 laps. Go fast turn left, watch the other classes, have fun.

Go home with a big grin, an aching left leg, and maybe.… just maybe, a podium place board!

Come back, do it again, but be warned…. it’s addictive!

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